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Never forget to close your garage door again!
  • Magic Closer senses the open door and closes it when you’re not present
  • Works with most any existing automatic garage door closing systems
  • No programming or syncing necessary with existing garage door opener
  • Variable time delay in case you’re at home and need garage access
  • Installs in just 5 minutes
  • No wires or cables to run
  • Only needs a screwdriver
The MagicCloser Receiver and Sensor

An estimated 66% of American homes surveyed said they use the garage door as the primary entrance into their home.

Magic Closer is an additional barrier of garage access protection!

Works with every garage opener system!

The Magic Closer is specifically designed to work with your existing garage door closer system yet remain as and independent back-up closing device.

This is the industry’s first Intelligent Garage Door Timer that emulates the function of your existing garage door opener/closer panel.

Our customers love their Magic Closers!
  • I have been looking at all of the garage door closing on the market and yours is the best solution. The other products just seem bloated with unnecessary features and additional power requirements. Magic Closer is exactly what I was looking for, and I think it’s a great product. I won’t hesitate to promote it with neighbors, friends, and family.

    — Van from San Antonio, TX —
  • I was really beginning to worry about my Grandmother’s safety as she now lives alone. After high school kids went through her car and took her phone due to her garage door being left open, I bought her Magic Closer as a Christmas present. The Magic Closer’s 15 minute setting and the audible beeps prior to closing the door make her feel safe knowing the door is closed. It’s just one less thing for her to worry about.

    — Delores from Stockton, CA —
  • Magic Closer is a neat little gadget and easy to install. I live in a suburb North of Colorado Springs with a variety of wildlife in the area. They always seemed to invite themselves in to tear through my garbage cans when I left my garage door opened. The Magic Closer makes sure I’m not waking up to clean a mess of garbage, and even better, not meeting a critter face-to-face.

    — Juanita from Black Forest, CO —
  • I began looking for a garage door closer when I received multiple written warning notices from my HOA saying I was in violation of my covenant community regulations. I have 3 children, ages 11 to 15, and almost every night the door remained opened after their neighborhood adventures. Your product was the right solution and easy to install. Now my HOA can pick on somebody else!

    — Kathy from Littleton, CO —

Keep your family and property safe.

  • Guard against theft!
  • Keep animals out!
  • Preset Time Delays
  • Visible and Audible Alerts
  • Does not affect standard door closer operation or safety sensors