Magic Closer

Have you ever worried that the garage door has been left open?


The Magic Closer is unlike any other product on the market:

  • Works with all Automatic Garage Opener brands
  • No programming / syncing needed with your existing Garage Door Opener
  • No wires to run or install
  • No ladders or tools needed other than a common household screwdriver
  • Installs in minutes
  • Both audible and visible warnings the garage door is about to close
  • Visible low battery warning

trans_recvMagic Closer’s patent pending technology is a timer that includes a smart sensor determining if your garage door is even the slightest bit open and communicates this through a radio frequency signal, transmits the status to our device that is connected to your existing garage wall button panel. Our technology emulates the command that your existing wall button panel experiences when you press the button to close.

The Magic Closer has 3 pre-selected timer settings available 5, 15 minute and 6hr delay.

The Magic Closer consists of two devices:

  1. The Receiver installs next to an existing garage door panel and is powered by a single AA battery.
  2. The Smart Sensor mounts on the inside of the garage door and is powered by a single AA battery.