Magic Closer Installation Video and Operation


1. Introduction

Congratulations on the purchase of the MagicCloser Garage Door Closer. The MagicCloser is easy to install and will provide the comfort and peace of mind that the garage door won’t remain open indefinitely whether you’re at home or not, as it will close automatically after an amount of time has been selected to suit your lifestyle and needs.

Before Installing!

Prior to installing MagicCloser, ensure that the garage door is equipped with an external entrapment protection device, such as an infrared beam sensor, which can detect an object obstructing the garage door. A garage door opener that does not have an auto-reversing feature should be replaced by one that has the auto-reversing feature.  It is recommended that MagicCloser be installed on a garage door with the entrapment/auto-reversing feature.  Without a functioning safety reversal system, a person could be seriously injured or killed by a closing garage door.



How to Determine Current Time Setting

A blinking LED will always be active next to the associated desired setting.

Setting the Activation Time

Press any of the time delay options on the MagicCloser receiver.

Enabling/Disabling MagicCloser

Push the Off button to disable and any other timer setting to activate.


It is important to note that MagicCloser simply presses the garage door button when you forget. Therefore, if the garage door is open or partially open ( as in the situation of  ventilation during the summer heat ) the direction of the garage door is determined by the previous travel direction before the door was stopped. Some models will allow you to leave the garage door partially open after previously traveling in either direction. Some models will only allow you to leave the garage door open when it was previously traveling in the up direction. We recommend that You understand the functionality and features of your Garage Door opener.


Customer Service

If you are having difficulty with installation or operation of MagicCloser please contact support for assistance.

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