Magic Closer FAQs and Troubleshooting

Frequently asked questions

Does installing the Magic Closer compromise the operation of my existing automatic Garage Door closer system?

No, this patent pending technology requires no interaction or interference of any intellectual property or any other industry standard technology like entrapment protection devices, such as an infrared beam sensor, which can detect an object obstructing the garage door or its auto-reversing features. The MagicCloser does not affect any features or functionality used by Garage Door Closing Manufactures.

Can I use multiple Magic Closer systems in my garage or will they interfere with each other? 

Each garage door will require one Magic Closer System each and are uniquely “paired” during manufacturing. The Magic Closer is designed to operate in an environment for multiple Magic Closer systems to operate, whether in the same garage or in the same neighborhood.

Does installing the Magic Closer void any manufactures warranty for my automatic garage door closer system?

The MagicCloser’s was specifically designed to work independent and be fully functional with your existing Garage Door Closer system. This is the industry’s first Intelligent Garage Door Timer that emulates the function that your existing Garage door closer panel performs when pressing the Garage Door Panel button of an existing Automatic Garage Door Closing system.



All of the MagicCloser’s button are on solid and my door is open.

If the MagicCloser completes the timer cycle setting it will attempt to close the door. However, if it fails to receive confirmation the door is closed, it will attempt to close a 2nd time. If the Magic Closer is still unable to confirm the door closed, it will illuminate all buttons on the receiver module alerting you it was unable to close your door. You need to check for obstruction in the path of the sensors or path of the garage door that is preventing it to close properly.

All of the MagicCloser’s button are blinking in a criss cross pattern.

This indicates an RF signal error condition. Although the Magic Closer is fully F.C.C. certified and compliant, this is very rare but can happen with unknown RF interferences. Remove and re-install AA battery in Receiver. If the problem persists, please contact us for further technical support, replacement or refund.

Why isn’t the LED blinking on the MagicCloser?

Either the AA battery required to operate is not properly installed or it needs replaced.

Customer Service

If you are having difficulty with installation or operation of MagicCloser please contact support for assistance.

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